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Post-Covid & Insta-Worthy Beach Getaways

Updated: Nov 17, 2020

We imagine a post COVID tourism boom among beach destinations around the world, but which are Ocean Purpose Project’s best picks around South East Asia and Australia that are tropical havens with a purpose.

As a typical Singaporean, my idea of paradise is warm winds, sandy white coastlines and turquoise blue waters. It’s been painful to not touch the sand or step into the sea. Like most of the world in lockdown, I’ve been in beach withdrawal, fantasising on Instagram and Pinterest about my next holiday, counting down the days until I can leave my house again. From my internet deep dive, here is a list of some beautiful beaches around the world that you can consider visiting after this pandemic is over.

Bawah Reserve, Pulau Bawah, Indonesia

Pictures from OPP’s visit last year! Photo by: Ocean Purpose Project (taken from Instagram Page)

Located 2 hours away from Singapore, this luxury resort in the Anambas Archipelago top the list of beauty with a purpose. Comprising of 6 islands bound together by coral reefs that are marine conservation areas, Bawah Reserve turned a fisherman’s cove damaged by dynamite fishing into a prime ecotourism destination. All structures at Bawah Reserve are handmade from sustainable sources such as bamboo, alang alang grass and local rocks to minimize the impact on the environment. No plastic is allowed on the island, waste produced is sent to be recycled, all food comes from permaculture gardens and sustainable fish stocks.

Every morning I enjoyed a swim and Stand Up Paddle, having a chat over specially selected coffees with the warm and informative Anambas islanders who are recruited as staff. In between singing and learning more about the exemplary work of the Bawah Anambas Foundation, I managed to indulge in the 13 beaches around the resort in the crystal-clear lagoons filled with curious fish that love to take a nibble at me as well as baby black tipped sharks. The lush forest on Bawah is practically untouched, and you can hike through to enjoy the wild floral and fauna and amazing views of the islands. Every aspect of the island is thought through, from the rooftop bar among the trees, to the daily gifts of watercolour paintings and thoughtful messages from staff as well as open areas where guests (and monitor lizards) are allowed to roam.Add to that luxury of some of best cocktails and meals I’ve had in Asia, luxe copper baths and most of all the unparalleled level of service, they truly deserve