Together with the best‑in‑class industry and research partners, we're creating the world's FIRST plastic to fuel unit that will remove tonnes of waste pollution at a profit ‑ even if oil prices drop to $0.

Find out what our secret weapon is below.

Plastic to Fuel


is the process of decomposition brought about by high temperatures.

release toxins into our waters causing serious health issues for both marine life and humans. furthermore, their rapid growth depletes oxygen leading to massive fish kills and subsequently jeopardising the livelihood of coastal fish farmers.



carbon black

can be used to enhance everyday items made out of plastic, rubber and ink. It also acts as a UV stabilizer, pigment and insulating agent. Its ubiquitous applications makes it highly marketable.

carbon black


carbon nanotube

enhances consumer products in strength and durability. It can produce powerful batteries, smart textiles and stronger plastic products. 

carbon nanotube

Fuel Management


this fuel can come in 2 forms: low-sulfur fuel and hydrogen fuel. These 2 fuels are more eco-friendly than fossil fuels in terms of air pollutant emissions.


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