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behaviour change

Mobilising a community that protects our oceans

Project White Sands

Pasir Ris is a beach town in the North of Singapore which means 'White Sands' in English. Project White Sands mobilises the town of Pasir Ris to inculcate lasting behaviour change in the town through community mobilisation online and offline, raising awareness of marine plastic pollution and beach cleanups a way of life. Go beyond the conventional CSR or Corporate Social Responsibility event or Team Building with an ocean conservation NGO that proudly works by the sea with local fishermen, indigenous people, scientists and industry to turn ocean pollution into solutions.

Our OPP Beach Hub made 100% from recycled F1 Event Materials and built by our staff and Pasir Ris residents is the perfect location for CSR Teambuilding beach clean ups, eco-gardening, workshops, talks, sundowners and more! Reach out to our friendly staff today at and let us tailor an event for you.

We are the first and only beach clean up in Singapore that converts a section of the trash you collect into hydrogen! All our events help us continue our research and community programmes in Singapore and beyond.


Ocean Purpose Project's Singapore Headquarters


It is the first off-grid solar powered beach office in Pasir Ris Park!  

Recipient of inaugural SG Eco Fund in 2021 administered by Ministry of Sustainability and Environment.

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OPP headquarters & home of opp's beach clean ups

It will be a space for organisations, schools, and residents to conduct beach clean-ups, while OPP educates them on ocean conservation.

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Plastic to hydrogen research

Using the plastic we collect from the beach clean ups, the OPP PTF Unit utilizes chemical recycling (pyrolysis), which heats the plastic into hydrogen. Learn more in our Plastic to Fuel project page!

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Environmental sustainability education

It is a space to conduct environmental sustainability engagement programmes with local communities and schools & hold livestreams and events for educational purposes

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off-grid solar powered beach office

Through our partner DOONYA, they have helped OPP create a beach office suited for solar panels to be installed, so as to implement such projects all around the world.  

The solar panels were provided by Energy Research Institute @ NTU.

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BioLeather Workshop - Sustainable materials

A workshop on how to make biodegradable takeaway packets from Seaweed. This is a collaboration with Nanyang Acadamy of Fine Arts (NAFA).

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Gardening Workshop

A workshop to engage the elderly and Boys' Home community by teaching them gardening as part of the NParks Therapeutic garden.

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Art Jam with nature - Seawater water colour

To engage the local community to participate in an Environmental and Arts integration workshop using sea water colour as a medium to paint scenes of the beach.

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OPP Eco Training

A training session open to schools and the public to learn how to conduct a beach clean up, understand how to sort plastics and learn about the importance of a beach clean up. 

What activities can you do at the OPP Beach Hub?

Stay tuned for more updates on our upcoming CSR and Team Building activities and how to take part in them!  We value creativity and arts as a way of life, while educating passionate individuals of all walks of life on how to make your impact to the world we live in. 

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School Partnerships for Research

A place where our school partners, such as NAFA, JCU, NUS, NTU, SOTA & GESS can come and conduct their scientific research on seaweeds and plastic - exploring the potential of bioplastics.

Watch to find out how the beach hub was built!

  • The entire process was completed in one day with the help of our OPP staff and volunteers.

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Our latest video:

OPPortunity Webinars

Interviews with industry leaders who start today to save tomorrow

If you wish to inspire like minded-people like yourself, feel free to drop an email to to be a part of the OPPortunity Webinars.


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