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OPP'S e-brochure

Hello! Welcome to OPP's online brochure where you can learn more about how we solution engineer for today's problems with tomorrow's.  This brochure is continuously updated when we have new and upcoming projects. Have fun exploring!

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OPP Beach Hub 

Our OPP Beach Hub is a centralised place for us to conduct our bioremediation and bioplastic research, sustainability education and teaching beach clean up facilitators.  The beach hub is getting ready for exciting workshops such as using bio-leather to create customised accessories for yourself.

It is Pasir Ris's first off-grid office that runs solely on solar power! We have 2 panels plugged in currently that generates 600 watts of electricity. 

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Our Bioremediation project is the process of decontamination using living biota AKA nature’s bio filters. In this case, naturally growing seaweed and mussels. They help to prevent harmful algal blooms release toxins into our waters causing serious health issues for both marine life and humans.  The seaweed sequester carbon to reduce the amount of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.


These algae’s rapid growth depletes oxygen and releases toxin, leading to massive fish kills and subsequently jeopardising the livelihood of coastal fish farmers.  This is why OPP’s bioremediation project is so important in maintaining the health of the ocean.

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Plastic to Fuel (PTF)


Our plastic to fuel (PTF) is a project that will transform pollution in the poorest coastal communities into a new commodity. We are building the world's first plastic-to-fuel unit that turns plastic waste into hydrogen and other products such as black carbon and carbon nanotubes.   The OPP PTF Unit uses chemical recycling (pyrolysis), which heats the plastic in the absence of oxygen and captures all emissions to synthesize products that are of a higher value than mechanical recycling.

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Behavioural change

Under behavioural change, we have Project White Sands to inculcate lasting behaviour change in people by raising awareness of marine plastic pollution through making beach cleanups a way of life. 

This includes monthly beach clean ups along Pasir Ris beach where the rubbish collected is turned into hydrogen through pyrolysis.  We have collected over 5446.22 kg of rubbish since March 2020 and we will continue this habit for years to come. 

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