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Your kind donations to OPP's Monthly Community Clean Ups & Eco Gardening Sessions  will help us continue to serve Pasir Ris by turning ocean pollution into solutions!

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JOIN PADDLE FOR A PURPOSE 2023- Ocean Conservation, Sport, Music & film

Updated: Dec 4, 2023


Always wanted to enjoy solar powered music, paddle by the sea, win trophies and enjoy the nature and beauty of Pasir Ris while learning about ocean sustainability and blue economy? Well then, the Ocean Purpose Project's Paddle For A Purpose 2023 Race is for you on Saturday 2nd December 2023 8am - 8pm! Lots of fun activities await so sign up now!

Date: Saturday, 2nd December 2023

Event Venue: OPP Beach Hub, Pasir Ris Beach Park, Carpark E (inside the park and next to PA Water Venture)

For Google Map Directions:

Duration: 8am - 7pm

Proposed Activities:

  • Water Sports Races- Outrigger Canoe 1, Outrigger Canoe 2, V1 & V2, Stand Up Paddle (SUP), Kayak Singles, Kayak Doubles, Paddling with Pets

  • Solar Powered Music

  • Beach Clean Up using 1st in Singapore OPP Seaweed Bioplastic Garbage Bag

  • Bebot- Meet solar powered autonomous robot beach cleaner

  • Eco- Brands & Ocean Learning Showcase

  • Solar powered DJ cycling

  • Mental Health & Plastics Film Screening

  • Sustainable F&B

  • Latin Music Dancing

  • UK & US DJs

  • Sustainable Games Booths

  • Retro Ice Cream & snacks from Pasir Ris Hawkers

  • OPP Beach Hub & OPP Herb Garden Tours.... and more!

Competency: No prior experience in ocean paddling is required although any form of paddling experience will be advantageous. For your safety, please attend the many paddling activities newbies courses around Singapore to ensure a safe participation.

Race route: Short format 400m. Long format 4km

More information will be provided during the Paddle For a Purpose Webinar and Compulsory Safety Briefing on 29th November, 7pm-8pm. Please note, Ocean Purpose Project reserves the right to remove any paddlers who failed to attend appropriate safety briefings and shows disregard to safety during the event. Let's keep this a fun and safe event for all!

Thanks to our kind sponsors , there will be no participation fees. We even have cool ocean sustainability prizes because of our kind sponsors. However recent queries have come to our attention that should be addressed. Please note- Ocean Purpose Project reserves all rights to allocate the race seats for this free race based on

1) Corporate Sponsors allocation

2) Schools, Special Needs, Grassroots leaders and Pasir Ris Residents

3) Members of Public.

We understand some companies are trying to use this free race as an opportunity to get a free teambuilding activity, please spare a thought for the youth and members of Pasir Ris as well as corporate sponsors who have committed to supporting Paddle For A Purpose. The organising committee will be checking on all participants to ensure fair participation for all. Please also spare a thought for a self-funded NGO who is trying to raise funds to run ocean conservation projects for ourselves as well as other NGOs in Indonesia and Malaysia through this event. Alternatively if you want to secure your seats, you can sponsor us and contact Let's keep the courteous gotong-royong spirit alive in Singapore!

Alone, we can only do so little, but together we can achieve so much more. Help us to spread the word to all Pasir Ris residents as Ocean Purpose Project has been serving our beach town as an ocean community sustainability platform since 2020 when we started from zero. Once again, let's get the gotong- royong spirit going! We would sincerely appreciate it if you or your platform publicizes this event and we would be glad to be featured in any promotions and interviews.

Who is Ocean Purpose Project?

Ocean Purpose Project is a proudly Pasir Ris-based social enterprise driving ocean conservation and plastic pollution prevention via disruptive and creative projects with mass-scale impact.

𝗛𝗼𝘄 𝗱𝗼 𝘄𝗲 𝗱𝗼 𝘁𝗵𝗶𝘀?

Through our 3 key pillars:

𝗣𝗹𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗰 𝘁𝗼 𝗙𝘂𝗲𝗹 – transforming ocean waste into low-sulphur fuel, hydrogen, carbon black and carbon nanotubes through our nimble, deployable pyrolysis machines. Learn more here:

𝗕𝗶𝗼𝗽𝗹𝗮𝘀𝘁𝗶𝗰𝘀 – creating a single-use plastic alternative from seaweed and mussels that purifies our seas. Learn more here:

𝗕𝗲𝗵𝗮𝘃𝗶𝗼𝘂𝗿 𝗖𝗵𝗮𝗻𝗴𝗲 – mobilizing corporates and communities through offline projects, like beach clean-ups and Blue Carbon projects based in Singapore and Bali, and online programs like our OPPortunity Webinar and social media campaigns. Learn more here:

Who are the Paddle For A Purpose 2023 Partners and Sponsors?

Paddle for a Purpose would not be possible without the sincere and valued

commitment and help of our esteemed partners, Maritime and Port Authority of

Singapore, and sponsors including C&W Services Singapore- Cushman & Wakefield (Gold Sponsor), Aderco (Silver Sponsor), WISTA- Women's International Shipping & Trading Association (Bronze Sponsor).

We are also supported by our event, apparel, prize and community partners.

Here is more information about each sponsor and why they are committed to the

sustainability goals of this event.

Maritime Port Authority of Singapore (Support via Maritime Outreach Fund)

MPA was established on 2 February 1996 with the mission to develop Singapore as a premier global hub port and international maritime centre, and to advance and safeguard Singapore’s strategic maritime interests. MPA is the driving force behind Singapore’s port and maritime development, taking on the roles of port authority, maritime and port regulator and planner, international maritime centre champion, national maritime representative and a champion of digitalisation and decarbonisation efforts at regional and international fora such as at the International Maritime Organization. MPA partners industry, research community and other agencies to enhance safety, security and environmental protection in our waters, facilitate maritime and port operations and growth, expand the cluster of maritime ancillary services, and develops maritime digitalisation and decarbonisation policies and plans, R&D and manpower development. MPA is responsible for the overall development and growth of the maritime domain and Port of Singapore. In 2022, Singapore remained one of the world’s busiest transshipment hubs with a container throughput of 37.3 million 20-

foot equivalent units (TEUs).

In 2013, together with a consortium of marine experts, environmentalists and NGOs, MPA commissioned an ambitious coral relocation project to minimise the disturbance of the Sultan Shoal coral habitats from the nearby dredging work of the Tuas Port development. The project to relocate coral colonies between September 2013 to August 2014 and minimise the impact of the Tuas Terminal development yielded positive results, to find out more :

Paddle For A Purpose 2023 is MPA's grant recipient for the Maritime Outreach Fund, a public engagement initiative by the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) to raise awareness of Maritime Singapore among the general public. Recently funded projects include art exhibitions, a book on maritime history, short films, and a maritime career card game.

C&W Services Singapore- Cushman & Wakefield (Gold Sponsor)

C&W Services Singapore is a fully integrated facility services, engineering solutions

and energy management company. C&W Services has over 30 years’ experience

delivering facilities and property management services in Singapore. We provide

services to developers, property owners, occupiers, investors, real estate fund

managers and governments as well as corporate real estate companies,

multinationals, business conglomerates and manufacturing companies, among others.

We are the leading experts in Public Private Partnership projects and since 1989 have established a proven track record for managing large-scale projects like housing estates and townships. C&W Services Singapore is advising Ocean Purpose Project on industry standard facilities management to improve the disability access of the OPP Beach Hub and attract more ocean sustainability enthusiasts through spatial planning.

Aderco (Silver Sponsor)

Aderco was founded in 1981 in Montreal, Canada and creates innovative plant-based fuel treatments to improve the fuel efficiency and operational reliability of various shipping fleets globally. Today, with over 40 million tonnes of fuel treated annually, Aderco fuel treatments deliver results and peace of mind in the global marine, mining, power generation and transportation sectors. The way we combine continuous R&D with dedicated and proactive customer service has made Aderco a trusted brand.

Aderco International SA is an ISO 9001 certified company. This certification testifies to the continuous optimization, performance and quality approach in which Aderco has been involved for many years. As the first sponsor for this race since 2021, Aderco has been mentoring Ocean Purpose Project on marine decarbonisation operational matters and deep diving into algae biofuels in a joint testing agreement.

Group Triplex (Silver Sponsor)

At Triplex Events, we are committed to conducting our business in an environmentally and socially responsible manner. As an international event management company based in Singapore, we understand the significant impact our industry can have on the environment and communities. Therefore, we are dedicated to actively working towards sustainable events. We believe in promoting sustainability, reducing our carbon footprint, and supporting local communities while delivering exceptional event experiences to our clients.

We are committed to minimizing our carbon emissions by adopting eco-friendly

practices in all aspects of our event management. This includes minimizing air travel and utilizing virtual meetings where possible, as well as optimizing transportation and logistics to reduce emissions. We strive to reduce waste generation by implementing responsible procurement practices, reusing materials, and recycling whenever possible. We will also work with vendors who share our commitment to waste reduction. We will continuously seek to reduce energy consumption by using energy-efficient equipment, LED lighting, and other sustainable technologies in our events.

We understand that the events industry has an impact on the environment and society, and we strive to be a positive force for change. By reducing our carbon footprint, supporting local communities, and promoting sustainable practices, we aim to create memorable events that are mindful of their impact on the world. Our sustainability policy will guide our decisions and actions as we actively work towards sustainable events.

WISTA- Women's International Shipping & Trading Association Singapore (Bronze


Formed in 1974, the Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association (WISTA

International) is a global organisation connecting female executives and decision-

makers around the world. WISTA International serves as a connector for its network of more than 3,800 female professionals from all sectors of the maritime industry. WISTA promotes diversity in the maritime, trading and logistics sectors, empowering women to lead through their unique perspective and competencies, with the conviction that gender diversity is key in providing a sustainable future for the shipping industry internationally.

56 countries support a National WISTA Association (NWA), each of which in turn is a member of and is guided by WISTA International. NWAs provide in-country and

regional networking, business and skill-building opportunities, corporate visibility, and also facilitate relationships within the industry. WISTA Singapore has done a fun beach clean-up with Ocean Purpose Project and invited our CEO Mathilda D’silva to host a riveting Women’s Day “Embrace Equity” event in partnership with WOMAG & WIMAR to discuss key issues surrounding sustainability, diversity and inclusion of women in Agriculture, Shipping, Trading and Mining industries.

KOSE (SEKKISEI) (Prize Sponsor)

Focusing on plant-based ingredients, KOSE SEKKISEI rolled out SAVE the BLUE in

Japan and globally in the spirit of giving back to the earth. Since 2009, starting by

supporting coral cultivation activities in Okinawa, SEKKISEI has pursued diverse

nature conservation activities to protect sea, forests, and snow. The SEKKISEI face

washing foam is a highly nutrient face wash that helps maintain skin moisture balance and supports the natural skin barrier and is suitable for all skin types even the most sensitive.

SEKKISEI is sponsoring SEKKISEI and SEKKISEI Clear Wellness range under the

SAVE THE BLUE initiative that happens yearly. Apart from the

initiative, SEKKISEI Clear Wellness products are also made with sustainable

materials (bio-based PET) to reduce CO2 emissions using a minimum of 90%

recycled-in-Japan cardboard. Following her exposure to polluted water, our CEO

Mathilda developed vitiligo which turned her skin white and very sensitive. The

SEKKISEI range is not only gentle on the skin for persons affected by water pollution like Mathilda but also actively works to restore coral populations around the world through plant-based skin care.

Revolve Eco.Logical (Prize Sponsor)

Created and developed by Filipino mountaineer Regie Pablo, Revolve Eco.Logical is his flagship brand using plastic waste from seas, landfill and even mountains to turn into clothing, sunglasses and other materials. A celebrity in the Philippines, Regie Pablo reached the summit of Mt. Everest in May 17, 2007, at 0900H, the last Filipino to do so, so far. Prior to this, he was the president of the Mountaineering Federation of the Philippines Inc. (MFPI), as one of the “second generation” of leaders in Philippine mountaineering. Prior to his Everest climb, he has climbed several alpine peaks including Cho Oyu, Communism Peak, and Denali Peak, the highest in North America.

Revolve uses recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) bottles and processes them into t-shirts and tote bags. The sustainable line includes a stylish unisex shirt made from 60% cotton and 40% recycled plastic bottles, with roughly 4 to 6 one-liter plastic bottles each. REVOLVE sunglasses, goggles and face shields are made with medical- grade PPEs, designed to protect you, your family, and your community while saving the environment at the same time. Each REVOLVE Goggles or Face Shield contains an estimated One (1) 1-Liter PET Bottle. Here are the benefits of using Revolve products:

● Recycling one ton of PET Bottles saves approximately 605 Liters of oil and

saves 5.6 cubic meters of landfill space

● Recycling one pound of PET Bottles saves approximately 3.5kW of heat energy

● When recycled material is substituted for virgin material, greenhouse gas

emissions are reduced.

Reef (Prize Sponsor)

Reef is a surf brand of casual sandals, known as flip-flops, created by two Argentine brothers, Fernando and Santiago Aguerre. In 1984, they moved from Argentina to the San Diego beach community of La Jolla, California, where they began Reef. Their product became popular amongst surfers and beach goers. In 2007, REEF's mission was to incorporate renewable, recycled and/or organic materials whenever possible.

This was also the time that REEF planted our flag to become 100% PVC Free,

something that we can still claim to this day. REEF has been using RPET webbing

since the very first sandal in 1984. The Original Stripes! In Spring 2020, all of the toe posts, liners and webbing sandal straps were updated to 100% recycled polyester.

This material is derived from post-consumer plastic bottles and is certified by a third party, the Global Recycling Standard. In Spring 2021, REEF launched an additional green EVA solution, a renewable sugarcane-based midsole. This is a bio-based EVA derived from renewable sugarcane sourced from Brazil. The sugar cane is used to replace traditional petroleum oil. Reef’s formula uses 51% bio content making it carbon neutral as it helps to reduce greenhouse gases, while still being durable enough to maintain our current standards. Ocean Purpose Project is proud to have REEF as our official sandals partner and look forward to a day when bio packaging becomes commonplace.

Ocean Purpose Project Bioplastics (Prize Sponsor)

For years, people attending our Ocean Purpose Project beach clean ups would ask

us- “why are you still giving us plastic garbage bags to do beach clean ups?” From the beginning of our company’s inception, our founder Mathilda spoke of a day when the town of Pasir Ris would use seaweed bioplastics made from exactly the same species of Asian seaweeds that grow natively in Pasir Ris and take active steps to stop single use plastic pollution at sea through this innovative product. This is the first premiere of the OPP Seaweed Bioplastic garbage bag as well as OPP Seaweed Bioplastic gift bags given as prizes to participants. The seaweed bioplastic does not contain ANY plastic polymers or hazardous chemicals, can be composted in home compost units and is safe for soil while having a shelf life of up to 18 months in tropical climates.

Ocean Purpose Project is currently working with a Singaporean High School to

understand how the herbs grown at the OPP Herb Garden can be combined with this bioplastic to create a film capable of killing algae blooms.

NOQ Events (Public Relations Sponsor)

At NOQ Events, “We Create. You Celebrate.” We are committed to promoting and practising sustainability in every aspect of our event planning services. We believe that sustainability is not only essential for preserving our environment but also for creating memorable and responsible events. We are dedicated to minimising our environmental impact through sustainable sourcing and waste reduction, supporting local communities, and fostering sustainable practices throughout our event planning process. We do so in the following ways-

Environmental Impact Reduction:

-Strive to reduce waste, conserve resources, and minimise energy consumption in all our events.

-Prioritise the use of eco-friendly and sustainable materials in event decor and packaging.

-Work with venues that have established sustainability initiatives, such as recycling programs, energy-efficient lighting, and water conservation measures.

Sustainable Sourcing:

-Source local and seasonal products for catering and event materials to reduce the carbon footprint associated with transportation.

-Encourage clients to choose eco-friendly alternatives, such as reusable or biodegradable dinnerware and utensils.

Waste Reduction:

-Implement waste reduction practices, such as composting and recycling, during event setup and breakdown.

-Educate event attendees about proper waste disposal and recycling, providing clearly labelled bins for different types of waste.

We will discourage single-use plastics and advocate for the use of reusable or refillable containers and bottles.

Event Photographer:

● Xavier Keutch

Xavier arrived in Singapore in 2011 and started his career more on content delivery

systems but was always into photography for the past 15+ years. Xavier’s work has

been featured in National Geographic and he is the official water sports

photographer for events in Hawaii, French Polynesia, Tahiti and Singapore

spreading his message of beauty through action, excitement and sport on the water

having visited 330 cities, 49 countries and 13 wine regions across the world.

Race Director:

● Team Va’a France

Va’a or outrigger canoeing is a traditional Polynesian sea sport. Originally

developed to enable brave explorers to travel through oceans, Outrigger

canoeing has become a popular and competitive sport mostly in United States,

Australia, New Zealand and the Hawaiian Islands. Most of the races are

distance type but some clubs combine both sprint and distance during their

season. Race lengths usually differ from 8 to 60 km. Team France SG is a Va’a

Team based in Singapore. The VTF adventure started in 2012 when 6 French

guys met to prepare for the Country of Origin Race (COO) held at Siloso Beach,

Sentosa, organised by some paddlers from the community. Since then the

Team offers 4 trainings, 2 boot camps and at least 1 aperitif per week, following

its 2 targets : be adventurous and have fun! Team France Va’a was among the

first paddlers to support Ocean Purpose Project’s very first ocean race and this

year they will take CenterStage as race directors and coordinators bringing

boats and crafts from southern Singapore up north to experience the wild

beauty of Pasir Ris.



The best spaces are the ones that you can’t completely define in words – you

have to be there. Wild Pearl is just that. Imagine walking into a house party to

find a bunch of like-minded music lovers – but in a setting that looks, feels and

sounds like an underground club. The duo of Andy & Chris continue their

mission of bringing music centric experiences to bring new experiences to

crowds around Singapore, with sustainability and wellness as core pillars.


A tribute to the influential and renowned Buena Vista

Social Club, Havana Social Club is a group that specialises in Cuban music and

hopes to share their love of Cuban culture and music with Asia and the world.

Havana Social Club was formed six years ago by the Cuban drummer and

percussionist Pablo Calzado Morales and features “Cino Latinos” Gabriel on

Keys and Ethan on Bass- hot favourites among the latin dance scene in

Singapore. The group consists of members from Cuba, Colombia, Singapore,

Australia, Venezuela and USA, and has performed at venues and festivals in

Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Bangladesh, Borneo and Thailand.

DJ x Cycling


The duo of Andy & Chris continue their mission of bringing music centric

experiences into nature and vice versa- join this uniquely Wild Pearl experience as their DJ cycles and spins to solar powered audio systems around the Pasir Ris Park with a gang of cyclists. This popular cargo bike ride event has been a

rave hit in Kallang and will be premiering in Pasir Ris for the first time. Feel free to bring your own bikes or use one of the 20 the Anwheel bikes provided. Check out the cycling map route below:


Founded in Singapore on World Car-Free Day in 2017,

Anywheel.SG’s goal was to build on the public transport system in Singapore,

and help our users reduce their reliance on cars as a means of commuting. In

2022, residents in Pasir Ris, Punggol and Tampines had easier access to

shared bicycles.The expansion of areas covered by the firm comes after

Anywheel secured approval from the Land Transport Authority (LTA) to double

its fleet size to 30,000 shared bicycles.

Immersive Plunge Pool

● ThriveX- The ThriveX Cold Immersion System is a proudly Made in Singapore

technology that combines the cold immersion system for elite athletes into a

handy portable system of advanced health technology meticulously designed

to elevate your wellness journey. Experience unparalleled performance,

durability, and ease of use with our premium, high-quality ice bath.

Film Screenings:

● Mental Health Film Fest SG- As mental health awareness continues to gain momentum in Singapore, Mental Health Film Festival Singapore serves as a secure place where audiences can delve into various facets of mental well-being. The special films curated focus on nature, our oceans, plastic pollution

and the effects on youth in Asian coastal communities. The selected curated

selection of films provide a safe platform for deepening knowledge and fostering

empathy for our oceans and those struggling with ocean pollution.

Solar Powered Autonomous Beach Cleaner

● BeBot by Searial Cleaners

The Bebot makes its debut in Pasir Ris at Paddle For A Purpose 2023- it screens sand, rakes seaweed, levels out expanses of beach, and lifts and carries loads. It collects all waste buried in the defined area.BeBot announces its presence, meaning it is completely safe, and it can also cope with steep terrain.

It protects plant and animal life as well as the sand as it screens.BeBot is 100% electric, and emits no harmful gases or greenhouse gases.Its quiet running means it can operate at any time of day or night without restriction. Stay tuned as a possible OPP collab is in the works!

Blue Economy Social Media Coverage

● Miss Universe Indonesia First Runner Up Vina Anggi Sitorus

Vina Anggi Sitorus, the first runner-up of the Miss Universe Indonesia 2023 beauty pageant, is known for her dedication to the environment and her passion for marine protection and expanding blue and green circular economic approaches.

In addition to her advocacy for environmental care, Vina has actively collaborated with various organizations to promote sustainable initiatives. One notable collaboration was with Javara, where she worked on their climate-resilient and sustainable salt farm in Bali. This project aimed to demonstrate how salt production can be carried out in an environmentally friendly and economically viable manner. In Lombok, Vina is exploring sustainable seaweed farming and research to convert seaweed into alternative materials that can replace plastics. By exploring the potential of seaweed as a sustainable resource, Vina aims to contribute to the reduction of plastic waste and the preservation of marine ecosystems.

This blue economy mermaid's efforts in marine protection and blue circular economic approaches align with her vision of Indonesia becoming a role model for other countries in achieving a brilliant and sustainable future. Through her collaborations and initiatives, she continues to inspire and motivate young people to take an active role in environmental conservation and sustainable development. Using her platform on instagram and Indonesian media to champion for blue economy and ocean innovations, Vina's beauty shines from the sea with a dedication to both environmental care and marine protection showcases her commitment to making a positive impact on the world around her. With her passion and determination, she serves as a shining example of how individuals can contribute to creating a more sustainable and environmentally conscious society.

For more information about Paddle for a Purpose 2023 please contact


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