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EARTH DAY Special: Start Today and Save Tomorrow

Updated: Nov 12, 2020

The world as we know it has ceased to exist. It's hard to watch cooking and travel shows as well because just seeing people eating and cooking outdoors is a luxury we can only dream of. As the whole world sits at home waiting for the pandemic to sweep past their doors, young people are particularly restless.

This is why in the lead up to Earth Day, the Ocean Purpose Project from Singapore is partnering with Bye Bye Plastic Bags Australia and inviting young people of the world to participate in our "Start today, Save Tomorrow" Campaign. This is our first collaboration and shows how important it is for social enterprises to partner across counties, ages and backgrounds during this global pandemic.

The main aim of the campaign is to mobilise young people from all nationalities and backgrounds to use all their creative talents and send us their burning questions for the future. We want this time of global awakening to be a chance for young people to start thinking about their future today. We will turn these questions into our “Start Today, Save Tomorrow” Earth Day Livestream which will be hosted by teenager and head of Bye Bye Plastic Bags Australia, Alina Hutton as well as Singapore Idol finalist and Founder of the Ocean Purpose Project, Mathilda Dsilva.

This will also feature a live digital streaming of the movie ‘2040’ directed by Damon Gameau (geoblocked to Australia and New Zealand due to prevailing movie rights).

We would like you to join us in this incredible movement by promoting this to youth of all ages and participating in the campaign, ‘Start Today, Save Tomorrow’ on your respective social media accounts! The aim is to get young people and children to ask difficult questions via social media that can get the world to refocus on solutions for our earth. If they are too young for social media, they can write, draw or record audio of their questions and email us at  We want all youth to take this global lockdown time to focus on solutions to the world’s problems and inspire a global brainstorm.

Here’s how you can participate!

Step 1

Think of a burning question you have about the environment, social justice, protecting wildlife, climate change, etc.

Step 2

Write it down, draw it, show it whichever way you want on an IG or FB story/ IG or FB post/ Create a TikTok – all with the #STST and #StartTodaySaveTomorrow ! Don’t forget to tag us @oceanpurposeproject and @bbpbaus as well!

Step 3

Post it! Email it! Share it!

We hope that we can join hands (virtually) and Start Today, Save Tomorrow! 

All your questions should be posted or sent to us before 15th of April so that we can pose them to our guests. Please forward this to your kids, schools, sports groups and let's fill the world with young people asking questions! Here are some graphics that you can use in your social media outreach! To partner with us and learn more about this campaign, please email us at



IG/ FB Story

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