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Ocean Purpose Project forges seaweed partnership with Fishery Networks

20 September 2021

Ocean Purpose Project Pte Ltd is delighted to announce our partnership with Fishery Networks Limited to drive the development of our Bioremediation and Bioplastic Project aimed at protecting the livelihoods of fish farmers off the coasts of Pasir Ris.

The partnership was cemented on 12 September 2021 at Fishery Network’s Pasir Ris seaweed farm over an Indian banana leaf vegetarian meal in the presence of Mr Lee Van Voon, the owner of Gills & Fins Pte Ltd. Photo 2: Mathilda D’Silva, Founder of Ocean Purpose Project Pte Ltd (left), Lee Van Voon, Owner of Gills & Fins Pte Ltd (middle) and Timothy Hromatka, Director of Fishery Networks Limited (right)

The partnership will explore the commercialisation of seaweed and examine the potential for integration into animal feedstock, liquid bio-stimulants for crops, plant-based food products, coagulant extraction for the cosmetic industry, biofuel and biopolymer development. Fishery Networks Limited will provide testing beds of seaweed aquaculture in a controlled environment at their seaweed farm as well as consultancy and industry mentorship, with experience in the Southeast Asian seaweed export market. Furthermore, Fishery Networks Limited has extensive experience in fish, seaweed and prawn aquaculture in Pasir Ris, which will assist in understanding sustainable fishery management in Pasir Ris.

Ocean Purpose Project Pte Ltd strives to be a seaweed influencer that finds go-to-market solutions for the seaweed and mussels grown in Pasir Ris. Ocean Purpose Project Pte Ltd will support Fishery Networks Limited to begin creating commercial viability for seaweed and mussels by providing online and offline resources to achieve the greater goal of creating new aquaculture opportunities in seaweed farming, which will act as bioremediation of Pasir Ris coastal waters and eventually open up new avenues of aquaculture for fish farmers off the coasts of Pasir Ris. Ocean Purpose Project Pte Ltd and Fishery Networks Limited will work together to secure new partners and the investment needed to continue to drive the project.

About Ocean Purpose Project Pte Ltd

Ocean Purpose Project Pte Ltd is a Pasir Ris-based social enterprise established on 3 March 2020. We aim to drive ocean conservation and plastic pollution prevention through our three key pillars. The Plastic-to-Fuel Project focuses on developing a plastic-to-fuel unit to transform ocean waste into low-sulphur fuel, hydrogen, carbon black and carbon nanotubes through deployable pyrolysis machines. Next, our Bioremediation and Bioplastic Project is centred upon creating a single-use plastic alternative from seaweed and mussels that purifies our seas. Thirdly, we seek to influence behavioural change towards ocean conservation by mobilising corporates and communities through offline projects, such as Project White Sands, blue carbon projects based in Singapore and Bali, and online programs like our OPPortunity Webinar and social media campaigns. Learn more at and follow @oceanpurposeproject on social media.

About Fishery Networks Limited

Incorporated on 23 October 2017, Fishery Networks Limited is a non-profit organisation focused on fishery research services. The company aims to address the lack of sustainable fishery management and aggregated fishery data. They work to consolidate and share fishery catch data, assist seafood companies with product tracking for food safety and legal compliance and tackle the barriers of artisanal, nearshore fisheries to be managed sustainably. At present, Fishery Networks Limited is conducting projects in Indonesia, the Philippines and Morocco to establish sustainable fishing practices of the Blue Swimming Crab. Learn more at and contact


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