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Forget Christmas gifts?! Give eco-friendly experiences instead!

Looking to buy gifts for a loved one but don’t want to fall into the trap of consumerism? Whether you’re celebrating Christmas or not, we have compiled a list of 12 experiences and causes to enjoy and support this season that supports local sustainable businesses and rally your nearest and dearest for a good cause.

1. Prepare a home-cooked Xmas meal with TreeDots

Photo : @thetreedots on Instagram

TreeDots is a social enterprise on a mission to tackle food and packaging waste. With their online platform, tonnes of food that are nearing the expiry date or slightly blemished are saved from being thrown away. There are amazing deals and each day new products are listed. Prepare your Christmas homecooked meal for your family with ingredients from them and save your money and the environment at the same time!

2. Bollywood Veggies

Photo: Bollywood Veggies

Enjoy a lovely meal of farm-to-table food at the Poison Ivy Bistro at Bollywood Veggies! Here is a sample of the food you can expect, depending on the seasons:

Discover how a retired couple started their own farm in the rustic environment northwest of Kranji Countryside. Purchase chemical-free bananas, papayas, kedondong, edible leaves and flowers, and other seasonal produce at their Earth Shop.

3. Join Pasir Ris Green Volunteers

Photo: The Green Volunteers on Facebook

Spend this season with your loved ones gardening with The Green Volunteers! Founded by Grant Pereira in 1997, its goal is to increase public participation in environmental protection by providing a range of hands-on activities and programmes to turn awareness into action. Get ready to create a special soil blend, plant fruit and mangrove trees and learn more about plants from Grant.

4. Drop off a Gift Wrapped Present for our Migrant Worker Community

Photo: Itsrainingraincoats